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Welcome to the Maze Game!

We have searched all the corners of the Interwebs for a very simple thing, one would think; visually appealing, smooth-to-play, free of daze, basic game of maze. Failed to find such creature living in the wild, we decided to bring one to the light.

Since the result pleased us, we have chosen to share the tale — behold, our Maze Game!

It works. By that we do not mean that one can simply play it. What we mean here is, that the game is able to absorb you, let your inner zen grow, calm you down, reach the sacred grove. Well, atleast it works on us.

Oh no, it is so dark! Luckily you are equipped with dim RÃķentgen light!

Also, the game saves your progress on given device and tracks your times to complete through the levels so you can challenge yourself, should the zen goals be less than fulfilling to you.

If you like our game, spread the word!

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Jan, 2020

Your Hi-Scores

The following table contains the lowest times it took you to solve given level of the maze on this device. It does not ever get erased, even with Clear Save action.

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